The Songs All Sound The Same

Originally released 1992 eMpty Records
Re-released 2001 on Mid-Fi Recordings

1. Alright
2. Saddletramp
3. Poor
4. Burnin’ Up
5. Gravity Bill (Sample track)
6. Sex & Outrage
7. What is Love
8. Junk
9. 4-Stroke
10. Girl I Know
11. Luck*
12. I Say Fuck*
13. Second Cousin*
14. Razzmanazz

“Burnin’ Up” is a Madonna cover song.
“Sex & Outrage” is a Motörhead cover song .
“What Love Is” is a Dead Boys cover song.
“Second Cousin” is a Flamin’ Groovies cover song.
“Razzmanazz” is a Nazareth cover song.

*Indicates bonus tracks on 2001 re-release.

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Black Supersuckers