Live at Cafe Du Nord

Released May 27, 2005 on Instant Live

1. Mudhead
2. Rock ‘N’ Roll Records (Ain’t Selling This Year)
3. Rock Your Ass
4. Evil Powers Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
5. Coattail Rider
6. I Like It All Man
7. Luck
8. Bad, Bad, Bad
9. Breaking Honey’s Heart
10. Creepy Jackalope Eye
11. Then I’m Gone
12. Caliente
13. Bubblegum & Beer
14. I Want The Drugs
15. Supersucker Drive-By Blues
16. Pretty Fucked Up
17. How To Maximize Your Kill Count
19. Goodbye
19. Born With A Tail

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Produced by Instant Live and only sold immediately after the show. Try eBay or rubbing a magic lantern…