Devil’s Food

Released April 2005 on Mid-Fi Recordings

1. Gato Negro
2. Shake It Off
3. Hey Ya
4. Teenage Shutdown
5. Doublewide*
6. Team Man
7. Can Pipe
8. Rubber Biscuit
9. Born With A Tail*
10. Devil’s Food
11. Sail On
12. Kid’s Got It Comin’
13. Eastbound & Down
14. Then I’m Gone
15. Flyin’ Into the Mid-Day Sun
16. End of an Era

Cover songs on this album:
“Hey Ya” by OutKast
“Teenage Shutdown” by Electric Frankenstein
“Rubber Biscuit” by  The Chips
“Sail On” by  The Commodores
“Eastbound & Down” by Jerry Reed

*Country versions of songs which originally appeared on the 1995 Supersuckers album, “The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers”.

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